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NMHU works with our Problems of Practice Professional Development Schools (PPPDS) as well as educational partners who wish to take a deep dive over a year in our teaching foundations.

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What is a Problems of Practice Professional Development School?

Grounded in the National Professional Development Schools Association's (NPDSA) Nine Essentials, building on New Hampshire Best Schools (2000) school-community leadership engagement and an Implementation Science (Fixsen,, 2005) process for change, NM Highlands applies a Problems of Practice model of Professional Development Schools (PPPDS) (Earick 2014). PPPDS situates the locus of power and change at the school level and positions IHEs as technical assistance centers for innovation and sustained change to decentralize Whiteness in the curriculum and schooling practices. PPPDS schools develop MOUs with NMHU that address teacher pipeline, professional development and unique problems of practice at our partnering schools and school districts.

Intensive, Coherent and Substantive: Problems of Practice Summit, Mini Summits and PLN

Problems of Practice Summits offer Policy and Innovation; IHE and School District; and Schools and School District teams evidence-based learning strands in co-teaching and evaluation, equity pedagogies and competency-based project and problems-based learning and teaching.  All Keynote and session presenters have had significant and sustaining impact on student learning outcomes.  The PPPDS residential model offers free OERs and a personalized Professional Learning Network (PLN) that supports teams for a full 12 months. This model provides the sustained duration (Darling- Hammond 2009) necessary to innovate and implement transformative strategies in schools. Administrators (Grissom, 2015; Dhuey 2014; Branch, 2012 and Coelli, 2012) whose impact on student learning outcomes is second only to classroom educators, are afforded the opportunity to remove barriers (Buczynski & Hansen 2010) and plan for successful teacher professional development. Due to COVID we are offering a virtual option for the 2021 Summer Summit.

Interested in applying to be a PPPDS? 

Contact Dr. Scott Parkman, PDS Interim Director:

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