Addressing Learning Gaps and Racial Equity through Personalized Inclusive Educational Pathways - June 21-24, 2021 

NMHUPoPs Strands


Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Strand Leads: Dr. Jim Barta, Dr. Gloria Bouttee (University of South Carolina) and Shantini Ramakrishnan (NMHU).


Bi-literacy and Biculturalism 

Culturally Sustaining Communities

Strand Leads: Drs. Marianna Soto Manning (Teacher's College, Columbia) and Elisabeth Valenzuela (NMHU)

Inclusive Educational Pathways

Meeting the Needs of All 

Strand Leads: National SWIFT Center and 

Dr. PJ Sedillo (NMHU) Guest: National CAST Center on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 

Co-teaching and Collaboration

Strand Leader Dr. Teresa Heck (St. Cloud University) The Co-teaching Academy.

Multiage Competency-based  Education

No Grades 1,2,3, No Grades A,B,C

Strand Leads: Danielle Harvey, CAGS and Dr. Seonsook Park (NMHU)

High School Activism and Identity*

Strand Leads: NH Summer Summit Leadership Team (5 HS Seniors), Leon Bustos (NMHU), and Meir Muller (University of South Carolina)

*This is a closed strand.

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Testing America's Freedom


Paving the way for an equitable future: words of wisdom from the next generation of leaders (Ep. 5‪) (90 Minutes Podcasat)

Listen as NMHUPoPs High School Activism and Identity students offer advise to educators and policy makers to support equitable education.


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