All Means All: Inclusive Educational Pathways June 20-23, 2022

NMHUPoPs Strands


Strand Guides: Dr. Dawn Miller, Life Span Center, KU & Dr. PJ Sedillo, NMHU.


Indigenous Knowledge and Understanding

Strand Guides: Dr. Scott Parkman, NMHU.

Bilingual & TESOL Best Practices

Strand Guides: Dr. Elisabeth Valenzuela & Seonsook Park, NMHU.

Co-teaching and Collaboration

Strand Guides: Dr. Teresa Heck (St. Cloud University) The Co-teaching Academy, Doug Earick & Janis Taback, NMHU.

Cultural and Linguistic Frameworks

Strand Guides: Dr. Patricia Latham & John Lopez, NMHU.

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NMHUPoPs Documentary and Panel

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New Mexico Office of African American Affairs

With the passing of the African American Education Act, NM is one of a handful of states to address national disparities for African American Communities.

Transform Education NM

New Mexicans have a historic opportunity to transform education for our children and teachers.

Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (CESDP)

CESDP published the  Acequia and Land Grant Education Project White Paper Envisioning a New Mexico Land Grant and Acequia Curriculum

SWIFT Education Center Podcasts

Wade Kelly discusses the SWIFT Education Center’s “Build Equity, Join Justice” graphic series and why he created it. 

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